Father Time - self​-​titled

by Father Time

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released September 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Father Time Pennsylvania

Is he the last rock hope?

Father Time had more #1 songs in rock and alternative than any other artist at the original mp3.com, the alltime indie mecca.

Father Time is a legend - Phil Frazier

If anyone combines the spirit of Evel Knievel with Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Neil Young, it's Scott. If anyone is close to being the Internet Dylan, FT is the one.- Flametop Fred
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Track Name: Hardship Lane
Another black cat just came in through our window
but it wouldn't matter 'cause we never learn
We walk under ladders that we could be climbing
Not a penny's been saved, girl, that we ever earned
'cause we know a quick fix just waits for our phone call
a trip to the city, so we can pretend
that things will be better, that we will get stronger
but you can be sure, baby, that will depend

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
We're payin' the landlord but nothing is gained
For all that we've struggled, no cash to our name
The seasons are changin', our problems the same

For sure, noone said it was gonna be easy
but we've had to fight every step of the way
The second we've taken some small thing for granted
a slap in the face, and the world makes us pay
There's plenty of users and plenty of victims
but so very few who can make it above
the wedge between people, their lives and their money
Girl, all we got left is ourselves and our love

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
The past is the present, we're working in vain
For all that we've given, the fact still remains
We ain't gettin' nowhere, we're stuck in these chains

Sometimes it breaks out and I know what we're fighting about
We get too involved in just watching our time running out

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
Our life goes in circles, relations are strained
Been doin' some checking, the savings is drained
We're born to be losers, the knowledge ingrained

We're livin' in a house
Still livin' in this house
Survive in this house
Will we die in this house ?
We strived in this house
Never thrived in this house
Got by in this house
Did we try in this house ?

Somehow I believe that our battle might take us
to green fields on some other side of the fence
No doubt in my mind that we're gonna make ends meet
in ways that mean more than just dollars and cents
My back may be weary but it is not broken
Your dreams may be faded, but they are still there
We cannot forget who we have to wake up with
and whoever said that the world is unfair

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
caught up in our troubles and ain't it a shame
Our story is sad, our excuses are lame
Got no piece of mind now, but who is to blame ?

Copyright 1999 S.S. Blazing Lights in the Sky Music
Track Name: Roy
We stopped there every couple days for maybe a loaf of bread
or maybe a local paper on the way back home at night
Your normal-type convenience store, it was white and trimmed with red
For 5 years living in that town, we'd stop to get a bite

The cashiers, they would come and go, but one thing never changed
the bearded man who hung around inside the store and out
We'd pass by in the wee wee hours, like clockwork, it was strange
cause Roy would always be nearby, there wasn't any doubt

It got to be a long term joke, when we were driving past
We'd see his cycle or his jeep and wonder about the guy
I swore that if we ever moved, the day before I'd ask
Roy practically lived at that little store, I had to find out why

"My friends all come to see me here"
That's what he had to say
"My friends all come to see me here
They come here every day"
My wife and I didn't know him well but we know where to find him
He'll be there sipping coffee probably talkin' to the guy beside him

My wife told me not to ask him 'cause she thought it would be rude
I told her I had to do it, in his answer there's a song
not quite what I expected but in Roy's case, oh, so true
I put the tale to paper, and the tune soon came along

"My friends all come to see me here"
That's what he had to say
"My friends all come to see me here
They come here every day"
I knew that it was wrong to ask, but as I left, he smiled
It was the most I talked to him in at least a good long while

The people came from near and far to buy their cigarettes
to play the lucky lottery or buy a six of Coke
It seems a friend to Roy, I guess, is anyone he met
a lifetime buddy, anyone with whom he had a smoke

"My friends all come to see me here"
That's what he had to say
"My friends all come to see me here
They come here every day"
I guess I probably qualify, I'm there as much as any
I know his name, and what the hey !
Good friends, I don't have many
Track Name: and you call yourself a Rebel
Your car just stalled in the middle of the road
and you call yourself a rebel
You used to have that edge on you, but no not anymore
Your life is in the living room and dinner's on the table
The last leaf on your tree of dreams just floated off the limb
That guy who better take out the trash is you now, it's not him

You run when you are late for work and you call yourself a rebel
You never put the music on except on Saturday nights
It's time to go to bed now, all your cows are in the stable
like remnants of a long lost time when you were not afraid
a worn-out concert T-shirt and the life you never made

You hate to load that moving van
Did you call yourself a rebel ?
You could've been the one, turned out to be just anyone
watching life just pass you by while you were watching cable
but you don't wanna hear it cause the truth will hurt your mind
Don't sing along to Free Bird, now, you know you've crossed the line
you know you've crossed the line
Aw, and you call yourself a rebel
Aw, and you call yourself a rebel
Aw, . . . call yourself a rebel
call yourself a rebel
call yourself a rebel
Track Name: Old Fury
I was lookin' thru a scrapbook from my mother's vestibule
when a polaroid showed up - I had no idea that it was there
Oh, the first car that I owned and a wave passed over me
like my foot was on the floor and I didn't have a care

Just a silver Plymouth Fury
68 or 9 - Who knows ?
I heard it once could've been a police car
but that big boat still could fly
It sure could fly

I would fill it up with gas, at last escaping from the house
and from that time on, you know, I was never stuck at home again
We would ride around in circles all around that dog-ass town
and the world only existed for our scene, me and my friends

Just a beat-up Plymouth Fury
zoomin' down the Old York Road
Got it up over a hundred
chasin' that red Ford Fairlane
thru the great night sky

Just a no frills Plymouth Fury
still my all time favorite car
Hey, I got 8 miles a gallon out on route 74
but the gas was cheap

Gotta wonder where it's at now - in a junkyard left to die
or recycled as the years go by - a little bit like me
but I know I'd recognize it if it passed me on the road
Would my old friends recognize the person I turned out to be ?

I have looked for that old fury
Feel it comin' back to me
like a letter that I mailed out
without a stamp
a long time ago
Track Name: Rock For The Sake Of Rock
No guitars in the land of milk and honey
No guitars, and you know I won't be staying long
No guitars in your elevator music brain
That is why I won't remain a captive of your presence

Rock, for the sake of rock
If it's too soft, I'm turnin' it off
Rock, for the sake of rock

No guitars in the blaring boombox heartland
just that droning bass and beat
You must know the songs all sound the same
There's no tune running thru your discriminating hip-hop mind
At least none that I can find, I couldn't stay forever

Rock for the sake of rock
Hey, you're just chillin', but it ain't too thrillin'
Rock for the sake of rock

Hey, I know your answer, you're gonna say I disrespect you
but really I just hate your music
C'mon man, I never met you
No guitars - I've been watchin' rock just fade away
so I've come to save the day and help the world remember

Rock for the sake of rock
This isn't a putdown, 'm just puttin' my foot down
Rock for the sake of rock

Rock for the sake of rock
If it's a slow one, you know I'll be goin
Rock for the sake of rock

If it's too soft
I'm turnin' it off
If it's too slow
then I gotta go

Rock for the sake of rock
the Stones and the Who
if you need a clue
Hendrix, Cobain
the Doors, the Airplane
How 'bout Plant and Page ?
They're not showin' their age
Neil and the Horse
the Beatles, of course

for the sake of rock
sake of rock
Hey, I just need a little rock for the sake of rock
Gimme some of that rock for the sake of rock
Is that too much to ask ?
One more taste of that rock for the sake of rock
Is that too much to ask ?
Rock !