Father Time Pennsylvania

Is he the last rock hope?

Father Time had more #1 songs in rock and alternative than any other artist at the original mp3.com, the alltime indie mecca.

Father Time is a legend - Phil Frazier

If anyone combines the spirit of Evel Knievel with Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Neil Young, it's Scott. If anyone is close to being the Internet Dylan, FT is the one.- Flametop Fred
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Track Name: (We All Live In) Walmartville
We got a strip runnin' right to the interstate now
Cruise down the road, they got everything that you need
a couple o' 7-11s
and a Kroger grocery store
We got a new Home Depot, all the chains you're looking for
the familiar names, every town's the same
like Dominos, notice something lame ?

We all live in Walmartville
one exit down from Taco Bell
Live in the US
stay close to the nest
and yes we lost our culture

We got 16 films in the multiplex now
and the closest thing to town square is the local mall.
The kids wanna go to McDonalds, cause they brainwash them I think
or does it have to do with all that sugar in the Super Size drink ?
We got KFC, we got Texaco
Blue Light Specials and HBO

We all live in Walmartville
We get all our news on the cable now
Our debts are large
Our cellphones are charged
and big business owns our country

and the radio is all formats
you won't hear any good songs on that

We all live in Walmartville
and most of us think our towns are swell
The weekend will come
We'll rock and then some
More power to the indies..

We got GI Joe takin' on the sniper
and we just signed over our house to this guy, Bill Gates
but we get to go out to Hooters
and it's not for the chicken wings
We got SUVs, you know we'll run over anything

Mom and Pop closed down
Another chain arrives
and this has been happenin' all our lives

We all live in Walmartville
Drive down the road and see the sights
But don't reminisce
cause there's something amiss
it's this, our Walmart culture

We all live in Walmartville
one exit down from Taco Bell
Live in the US
We settle for less
and I guess we lost our culture

We all live in Walmartville
Track Name: Old 22
Hey, one day this used to be a thriving little highway
but now you don't see any cars for miles
The motels are abandoned and the billboards faded white
That interstate came and I guess they lost all business overnight, oh oh

Old 22 - there's nothin' you can do son
to save the family enterprise
Out on 83 there's a big highrise now
Old 22 - the rabbits in the stew son
You better cut your losses, go and get a job in town
a job in town

Hey, one day this used to be the town's best bowling alley
but now it is unable to compete
The new one has a fancy bar, the scores computerized
Sometimes when a brand new business thrives another business dies
oh oh

Old 22 - I put the blame on you, son
You wanted things to stay the same
Before you know it, tomorrow came, son
Old 22 - Red ink and now you're through, son
If you're lucky they'll remember for awhile what used to be here
which somehow slipped away from you

What happened to the big drive in ?
What happened to the diner ?
What happened to the days of mom and pop
I know that those were better times despite what we've been taught
replacing things that came for free with things that must be bought
oh oh

Interstate 81
The chains are all you know, son
You never saw the old downtown
Never saw the records spin around, son
Interstate 81
The damage has long been done son
It's time you face the fact that things will never be the same
but nonetheless, it's still a shame
Track Name: The Night She Met Me
I saw an angel in the drive-thru window
We had a chemistry yeah she dropped my soda on the pavement
Somethin' electric
I somehow came to ask her what she's doin' after work
She said she was supposed to meet some guy but he's a jerk
I said "You were supposed to?" and she gave me a little smirk
the night she met me

In the backseat, there we were, just both undressin'
A poundin' on the window, some guy sayin I'm messin' with his baby
now he's gon' get me
I leaped into the front seat put my foot down on the gas
Looked into the rearview mirror and saw that big dude on his ass
We headed to another spot and oh, we laughed and laughed
the night she met me

Baskin in the nightheat
Underneath the moonlight
Move over in the carseat
Everything was alright

Well, she and I we had some times together
and we might have more if I should see her cruisin' down my highway
She could never forget me
but that goes for me too, remember her quite well
Those were my innocent days she brought me out of my shell
Every time I stop for a burger I think o' the way that soda fell
the night she met me
Track Name: Bobby Delaney
Bobby Delaney
Remember Bobby Delaney
Yeah if he'd given her just a little bit of respect
I expect
he would have another trophy
and they would have to call his name out loud
for all of his buddies to hear

Bobby Delaney
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
Well he forgot in the biggest way possible who was the boss
and it cost
cause he got tossed out of his element
the only place that he was king
at least that is what he once thought

You should've kissed the ring
not tried to run the show
Who invited you ?
It wasn't long ago
The rules were all laid down
but you were so deluded
The party's goin' strong
Now you are not included

Bobby Delaney
Poor ol Bobby Delaney
He rolled down the hill right when he was comin' into his own
He was thrown
Sure he just might key your car later on
Hey that's not gonna bring back what he lost
restore the proud reign of his face, oh yeah

You should've known your place
not tried to jump the gun
If you had paid your dues
you would've been the one
Pushed your luck and why ?
Assumptions you were makin'
cause you thought you could
Turns out you were mistaken

Bobby Delaney
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
What happened to Bobby Delaney ?
Track Name: Angry Man
So she came into the room with no real expectations
put flowers on the table, time to start another day
It was somewhat of a shock then when she ran into him
she had no idea at all what put the fire in his eyes

Her mood got all disheveled when that big bull in a china shop
tossed her all around the room with words that meant to hurt
She started up to give it back, there was no way of reaching him
She went into another room to find a better life

He's an angry, angry man
Seems he's got a lot to say but it's not goin' like he planned
When he's done blowing off some steam he might just realize
all his howlin' at the moon ain't gonna make the world change

He got into the car, and headed to the office
it seemed like any other day but then the anger flared
and soon enough his path was strewn with all the walking wounded
their various expressions matched the way he felt inside

He's an angry, angry man
As far as he's concerned their heads are buried in the sand
so he has to speak his mind, and then he'll say it louder
Just never seems to notice this won't make the world change

He's an angry, angry man
and all the things he's feeling are just more than he can stand
He does all this lashing out and he's got all kinds of reasons
but all that raging spirit just won't make the world change

I wish there was some easy way to take him off the clock
but he just knows one way to be, that endless gearlock
He's got a lot to give but he's mainly giving grief
He used to be so hopeful but he's lost all his belief (lost all his belief)

He's an angry, angry man
and Don't you say the wrong thing now cause then his flames get fanned
oh He'll usually get the best of you but when the day is over
all his fighting for what's right just didn't make the world change
all his fighting for what's right just didn't make the world change
Track Name: '73
73, 73
that's how many homers you need
if you want to break the record now
but no one can no way no how
Barry Bonds, he took the juice
ballplaying mutants on the loose
while Selig looked the other way
for the good of baseball some might say
McGwire and Sosa captured the
imagination of you and me
with their bogus cheat-ass homerun race
and now the sport is a total disgrace
but all the baseball lovers filled the stands
when Barry took a drug that turned him into Superman

73, 73
Intentionally walk him or he will go deep
Did you notice how his head got fat?
It barely fit into his hat
Of course he lied about it, they all did
including Selig that piece of shit
who won't let Rose into the Hall of Fame
but lets these cheaters ruin the game
Steroids such a fucking blight
Even the government got it right
for once, cause now they're cracking down
Too bad Maris' record went down
and the fans will puke as they remember when
The year McGwire and Sosa were supermen

73, 73
a sight you never thought you'd see
and you shouldn't have, it was all a lie
It was fairy dust that made them fly
and legends sometimes turn to dust
Believers turn their heads in disgust
when the truth comes out, when the truth comes out
sometimes you regret what you were cheerin' about
and you hate the cheaters who ruined things
They steal a piece of you and it stings
that the game you love is a fucking joke
and this they won't fix, nope, it's broke
cause Selig's gonna let that record stand
Most homeruns 73, hit by a superman
Track Name: Who Is The President?
Who is the president
Who is the president
Who is the president
Who is the president

You need someone who's strong, someone that you can't push
Who plays you rockin' songs, and ones that knock you on your tush
When he takes him jumpshot, his words they do go swoosh
Oh, there'll be lots of Gore, and they'll be lots of Bush
in his administration

Who is the president ?
We need a fuckin' president
Who is the president of rock ?
Who is the president
It's Time to set a precedent
so Time should be president of rock

He'll put it through your wicket, he doesn't need a mallet
His life's a 5 star movie, by the time it reaches Gene Shallit
FT stirs the soup, he's the crabmeat in your salad
You gotta hand it to him, no need for countin' ballots

Oh, there'll be lots of Bush and they'll be lots of Gore
When Daddy Time takes over, you'll know what you've been waiting for
No more shitty music played on your radio
I'll be there kissin' babies, on the White House lawn they'll be a show
and Here's your invitation
Track Name: This Stupid War
We were given false pretenses
to allow Bush to do his thing
Use that power to invade a country
and thus, folks this song I sing

I despise this stupid war
makes me angry to the fuckin core
In Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction
hey, no Al Queda were around before

Our country did stand for right
Now we're hated round the world cause we like to fight
and the liars who we voted in
sent Petraus to put out a spin

The surge is working, casualties are down
The surge objectives nowhere to be found
In September we'll reassess
the current state of such a hopeless mess

How I loathe this stupid war
9-11 wasn't calling for
attacking countries on a fuckin whim
No, Dubya's daddy, it was done for him

Now the Iraqis don't want us there
The rest of the world don't want us there
The American people don't want us there
Bush and Cheney and McCain want to keep us there

Strategic interests in the middle east
Gas prices risin, hey we're gettin' fleeced
Tap our phones now to catch a terrorist
Osama Bin Laden is the one we missed.

Only 1.3 trillion bucks
So far it cost us 1.3 trillion bucks
We don't have health care and the schools just suck
Trick house foreclosure, guess you're outa luck

I detest this stupid war
Now there's 4000 dead, there'll be many more
and for what, if you think you know
then you're a moron watchin a puppet show

More motivation for the suicide bombs
Whole cultures hate us now but we got Saddam
Children grow up with America their enemy
Do you feel safer? Well that's your fantasy.

Now they're selling a war in Iran
Another convoluted war coming in Iran
Oh Bush and Cheney, they have big plans
Into the sniper fire from the frying pan

How I hate these stupid wars
Bring back the volunteers for a couple more tours
Spend all tax dollars on this dumb agenda
with no intentions to ever end it

Stay the course, motherfucker stay the course
Shock and awe, wow, what a show of force
You called it Mission accomplished in 2003
Wake up asshole, this ain't no victory

Stay the course, mother fucker stay the course
All those kids dying and you have no remorse
Any justification is a thing of the past
So take your god damn wars and shove em up your ass

this stupid war
this stupid war
this stupid war this
this stupid war
This stupid war
this stupid war
this stupid war this
this stupid war
Track Name: The Unprofessional
Oh, I’m just your normal musician
Ok, not so normal but still
I do what I can to find me some success
Who knows, maybe someday I will

So enter the big-mouthed promoter
He’d surely help me get ahead
and I was excited til I got his Email
My stomach just dropped when he said

I cracked the code
That’s what he told me he cracked the code
and though now he acts like it was nothing at all
then it was some big motherlode

I wrote back, said his Email dismayed me
He told me that it was my call
but I didn’t want him for his safecracking skills
and legal or not it was wrong

He said sorry for being so cryptic
but he had to be, well, here’s why
He got the info from the upper management
which later on they would deny

He cracked the code
I didn’t get into music to go down that road
The artists who need to must not be too good
but on with this lame episode

I told him Forget it, and dumped him
I wasn’t gonna make no big public stink
but he got so defensive in such a short time
Had a near nervous breakdown I think

He’d said that he’d knock out my molars
Showed all of the hate that he’s got
Yeah he’s one tough guy on a bulletin board
but that scumbag put me in this spot

He cracked the code
A few gentle words, well, they made him explode
and someone not guilty, they don’t act like that
but I guess he reaped what he sowed

I went out to hear some live music
and I carried this dilemma along
Then it came to me, how to get it off of my chest
and soon enough, I had this song