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So she came into the room with no real expectations
put flowers on the table, time to start another day
It was somewhat of a shock then when she ran into him
she had no idea at all what put the fire in his eyes

Her mood got all disheveled when that big bull in a china shop
tossed her all around the room with words that meant to hurt
She started up to give it back, there was no way of reaching him
She went into another room to find a better life

He's an angry, angry man
Seems he's got a lot to say but it's not goin' like he planned
When he's done blowing off some steam he might just realize
all his howlin' at the moon ain't gonna make the world change

He got into the car, and headed to the office
it seemed like any other day but then the anger flared
and soon enough his path was strewn with all the walking wounded
their various expressions matched the way he felt inside

He's an angry, angry man
As far as he's concerned their heads are buried in the sand
so he has to speak his mind, and then he'll say it louder
Just never seems to notice this won't make the world change

He's an angry, angry man
and all the things he's feeling are just more than he can stand
He does all this lashing out and he's got all kinds of reasons
but all that raging spirit just won't make the world change

I wish there was some easy way to take him off the clock
but he just knows one way to be, that endless gearlock
He's got a lot to give but he's mainly giving grief
He used to be so hopeful but he's lost all his belief (lost all his belief)

He's an angry, angry man
and Don't you say the wrong thing now cause then his flames get fanned
oh He'll usually get the best of you but when the day is over
all his fighting for what's right just didn't make the world change
all his fighting for what's right just didn't make the world change


from Father Time's America, released September 15, 2013
produced by WRC, Jr.



all rights reserved


Father Time Pennsylvania

Is he the last rock hope?

Father Time had more #1 songs in rock and alternative than any other artist at the original mp3.com, the alltime indie mecca.

Father Time is a legend - Phil Frazier

If anyone combines the spirit of Evel Knievel with Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Neil Young, it's Scott. If anyone is close to being the Internet Dylan, FT is the one.- Flametop Fred
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